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In 2011, Tsukuno Masahiko came from Japan to Singapore and observed a phenomenon – almost every Singaporean has at least one handphone, and could make calls and send messages via their phones.
While having lunch and growing a little frustrated at the poor service he received, his mind worked furiously and he realized this was a pressing gap to fill. Quality companies such as reputable restaurants make excellent food, but are sometimes left disappointed by a lack of manpower.

His experience in the recruitment industry and software development – he is an expert in man-machine interactions – led him to craft a powerful recruitment solution backed by technology.
Thus, he founded Taosos and our unique SMS24/7 Auto-Handling System was developed in-house to deliver crucial snippets of information to individuals via SMS and empower them to interact with companies anytime, anywhere. After projects with JTB and various Japanese companies, he realized the true problem – companies in Singapore have great difficulty hiring suitable candidates, especially Singaporeans.